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We participated in a two-day VaynerMedia competition as a networking experiment. Contextual Creative Accelerator

Matt Tolbert rated our work in the top 10% of competitors.

We manifested the faux brand

FUFU Shampoo "FUFU" within that time.

Our only guidelines were to create a new

hypothetical brand of our own, and to

produce compelling social content.

Shortly after posting to Instagram, the @fufushampoo account was followed

by Playa Beauty, a fairly large competitor

in the market of beauty and

bathing products.

"We only use fresh, organic ingredients that will lift your spirits and nourish that hair life" ~FUFU

"Aren't we all on a journey of self-love? Give love From U For U."

"Love is a way of life, and it starts with yourself. It's love From U For U, so love yourself with everything you got."

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"Introducing GongFUFU,

our latest sports shampoo for women!

It's sure to give you lift!

Find your flow. This is From U For U."

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