Should New Producers Use Samples to Create?

Updated: May 29, 2021

The simple answer is yes, but the real answer goes much further. Not only is sampling a good practice for beginning producers, when used the right way, there's a surplus of knowledge that can pass on more easily. This can take producers farther, faster, in areas of music production like workflow, composition, file management, and mixing.

However, it is essential to understand that there is a skill level where the creation of your own samples is the professional standard. This doesn't mean there aren't multiple people working on the same music, but it suggests that what the creator puts out is generated from scratch.

Like every other industry, music especially, people are accountable for propagating and maintaining their own passions within it. While authentic creators can be very wary of grab-and-go melodies, or writing to a pre-made beat, know that there is still so much room to innovate and inspire new forms of sound. The potential that follows with learning a new instrument brings an even greater freedom but replacing a collaborator, for some, can be impossible without samples, and is often necessary.

It is common today for notable artists to use a combination of samples and original sounds. In the end it comes down to remembering why you are creating your craft. If original sound is what you're looking for, then listen for it inside you until you find it and can bring it out. If you are a cultural influencer, be who and what you are in every moment, and create moments of relevancy for everyone to share. Be you, Be Sound.


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